Phoney Help for Women

need your help here at the shelter called (Turning Point) in Manassas VA. This is supposed to be a safe house for abused and afflicted women.

I was told not to disclose any information about Turning Point to any one when I came, and in turn my personal info would not be given out either.

But I have to tell this, so that the next women will not have to suffer as we have.  The names of the head staff are as follows: Valarie, Supervisor Manager-Victor Case Manager –Tasha worker who is allowed to make up or change the rules at any given time. Angel: good staff person who was fired. These three go out together and we who live at the shelter now believe strongly that they are stealing the grant funds.  When you go online this shelter is supposed to offer Housing Services: a lie-because the ladies here were told that if they found a job and an apartment Turning Point would pay for the first month’s rent and the deposit but they only helped the residents that they liked and the other ladies were told that the funds were all gone. Client Support: none

Individual Counseling: None Behavioral Intervention: any

Court Advocacy; none this place offers nothing to help the women in crisis.

ACTs has two locations Dumfries which is the better and the residents that Valarie, Supervisor likes are sent over to that one: they have enough food and are treated better all the way around, while at Turing Point in Manassas VA the women are treated awful, and are neglected.

The first thing is that Tasha shared our private personal information with her buddies the bully residents that were here, and allowed the residents to use the computers while the other ladies who are still  at this shelter  are not allowed to use the computers to look for jobs. Tasha who fraternizes with the bully residents is never (reprimanded) for that and the awful ways she treats some of the ladies here.  Angel the former Staff person who was fired also was very social with the residents, but she tried to help us, and she was fired. (Unfair).

The following is just a list of some of the things that go on here.

No food was purchased for two weeks.

The heat is always kept on 59 degrees.

The bathrooms are ice –cold.

For a week and ½ no toilet paper was purchased and I was told to put laundry detergent into the dish-washer to (wash the dishes)

We are not allowed to cook because Tasha friends the bully resident never learned how to cook, and became jealous of the ladies who could so that no one is allowed to cook now. We all have to suffer and purchase microwave food to eat daily. The head staff is not in the process of taking the microwave from us because they don’t want us in the kitchen. We cannot have water in our rooms and have to be in our rooms at 8:30 pm so if we have to take our meds at 10 pm we can’t because we have no drink. They made up some crazy new times to use the kitchen and we can’t even heat up water in a cup. We who are here at the shelter now, are not bad women no one is on drugs, or has done any wrong legally.

One lady who just gave up drinking before she came here (is starting to drink because she has been treated so badly. Another ladies son (was treated so bad that he had to (go to a Mental hospital for a while) but now he has returned.

Please contact us in the order that I have


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