AH'-koh-kwahn, STAN'-tuhn and More Virginia Pronunciations

Don't just look local, sound local with these tips.

Occoquan, pronounced AH'-koh-kwahn. Patch File Photo, Rachel Leon
Occoquan, pronounced AH'-koh-kwahn. Patch File Photo, Rachel Leon
Tuck this away for some New Year's Eve party banter. 

ABC13 in Lynchburg has published a helpful pronunciation list for a few people and places in Virginia that might be hard for a broadcast journalist to pronounce.

For my first few weeks in the area, I was glad I wasn't asked to pronounce Occoquan. in fact, there was a comical lesson from former editor Rachel Leon at one of the tables at Blue Arbor Cafe.

From the list:
Occoquan (AH'-koh-kwahn).
Staunton (STAN'-tuhn).
Ft. Belvoir (BEHL'-vwahr).

See the complete list at ABC13.

How about you? Stumped by Occoquan or another area local word? Tell us in the comment section!
Jamie M. Rogers (Editor) December 26, 2013 at 01:57 PM
. I still have trouble saying "Norfolk" I recently decided that the "r" is silent and "folk" sounds like another 4-letter word. I used to say, "Nor folk," but people kept correcting me.
Sherri Isbister December 28, 2013 at 03:17 PM
wool for well


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