PWC Libraries Change Hold Fee Policies

The changes took effect on June 20.

The following was taken unedited from a prepared statement from the library:

"At their meeting on May 26, the Library Board of Trustees approved several changes to the library’s policy on holds

  • Eliminate the fee of $0.25 for each hold
  • Set the maximum number of holds to 8 per cardholder
  • Institute a fee of $0.50 for each hold not picked up

These changes will take effect on Monday, June 20, to coincide with the beginning of Summer Quest.  Beginning June 20, when a patron places a hold s/he will get a message on the computer screen as follows:

'There is no longer a fee to place a hold BUT there is a $0.50 fee for each hold NOT picked up by the held-till date.
Click “Submit Request" to accept.'

This policy change comes as the result of a review of the impact of the holds fee that was imposed last year.  The Library Board felt that the fee had a negative impact on library service that outweighs the revenue.  However, the issue of non-pickup of holds remains, so a fee is being imposed for that, since there is considerable staff work done to process each hold, as well as costs for mailing notices, etc."


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