Buffalo Philly's: A Game Day Favorite

Woodbridge restaurant serves up delectable fried treats.

Buffalo Philly's is a little hole-in-the-wall restaurant tucked away in the corner right next to Lowe's. On first impression, Buffalo Philly's is small and looks unimpressive, but it is definitely a place to check out.

It would be a nice quiet place to get away to watch a sports game on one of the three televisions they have positioned around the restaurant. Booths lining the sides seat four people comfortably and tall tables seat two people along the front of the restaurant.

Buffalo Philly's menu offers food typically found in a bar, including wings, chicken tenders, mini burgers, cheese steaks, curly fries and onion rings. A small variety of salads and chicken sandwiches are also available to choose from.

We ordered a cheese steak garnished with green pepper, grilled onions, mayo, lettuce, and American cheese; mini burgers with lettuce, tomato, mayo, and American cheese; waffle fries; and onion rings.

The cheese steak was good, made with tender meat and fresh toppings, but nothing really made it stand out from cheese steaks I've had in the past.

Our waffle fries were crisp and arrived unsalted, but that was easily fixed with a quick trip to the saltshakers by the fountain sodas. The mini burgers my girlfriend ordered were good as well, made with fresh, real lettuce and tomato -- a change from a lot of the mini burgers you find in chains -- and a perfect little dollop of mayo in the middle of each bun.

A large dish of onion rings, the "small" size, were excellent; they were really crispy even after sitting out for a while at the table, and the whole piece of onion didn't come out of the batter on the first bite, which is a rare thing to come by.

We were greeted at the counter by a pleasant and friendly employee, and after placing our order they brought our food to our table instead of just calling out a number like a lot of small places tend to do. Our food came out of the kitchen in a timely manner and was clearly fresh off the grill.

Overall it was a very pleasant experience. The service was quick and friendly the food was well prepared, and there was plenty to each serving, especially for how cheap the price was. It is quiet and clean and the perfect restaurant to visit on a lunch break during work or for a casual lunch date on the weekends.


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