Fill Your Valentine Gift Baskets at Gourmet Cottage in Occoquan

The shop has specialty food and beauty items.

Customization is key at Gourmet Cottage in Occoquan, where you can pick up a ready-made gift basket, request a themed basket, or create your own basket from items in the store.

The store recently switched places with Willow Street Decor next door, and now has more space to display all its merchandise.

In preparation for Valentine's Day, a whole table is stacked with chocolate, candy, truffles, and other Valentine's Day items to fill your gift basket.

If your significant other is a foodie, employee Gabrielle Penner suggests one of the Stonewall brand jellies or salsas. 

Premade gift baskets include a tea themed basket with a tea pot and tea bags, a honey themed gift basket with honey and more tea, and a Stonewall pancake gift bag, with pancake mix, a spatula, and blueberry syrup.

"It's a fun little housewife kind of gift for anyone who likes to bake," Penner said. 

A rack of lotions and shower items sits across from a rack of newborn baby items, for those buying for wives, girlfriends, and new moms. 

Gift baskets can be purchased in store or ordered online. 

"We ship worldwide," Penner said. 

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criston002 March 11, 2013 at 01:40 AM
Before we even start looking at Valentines gifts lets stop and see why were even buying Valentines. According to Wikipedia "'Valentines Day... is the traditional day on which lovers express their love for each other by sending Valentine's cards, presenting flowers, or offering confectionery." and "Romance is...the attempt to express love with words or deeds... romance usually...an expression of one's love, or one's deep emotional desires to connect with another person." So, we want to put some thought into picking out Romantic Valentines Day Gifts because romance is a true expression of our love.


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