Potomac Town Center, No Ordinary Strip Mall

Wegmans Grocery Store, Uncle Julio's Restaurant and a few retail stores are open for business. More to come!

Located just off Interstate 95 in Woodbridge is the modern and lavish Potomac Town Center. Covering 120 acres, the Potomac Town Center offers visitors a unique shopping experience with over 500,000-square-feet of retail space.  This is no ordinary strip mall. 

With an intelligent layout and elegant design, the center aims to entertain and welcome all who visit the premises. Since the center opened in spring 2007, the center has continued to gain popularity among not only our Woodbridge residents, but also in many neighboring towns. The greatly anticipated Potomac Town Center hopes to bring economical growth to our ever-growing Prince William County.

Many Woodbridge residents have seen glimpses of the shopping center as they commute up and down I-95. The enormous Wegmans grocery store peeks over the trees.  This 138,000-square-foot store opened its doors in May 2008 and has become the hub of the ever-growing center, with more than 50,000 visitors per week.

"I love Wegmans," said Jordana Adams, a 12-year resident of Woodbridge. "It brings a lot of value to the county's economy as well as value to the neighboring real estate."

Wegmans continues to bring both new and repeat visitors. Curiosity and a desire to explore new tastes bring guests as well.  

"I like to visit Wegmans on the weekends with my husband to sample new foods; we really love the deli," said Matilde Rivera, a 13-year resident of Woodbridge.

According to the developer's website, The Potomac Town Center will reach a marketing population of over 352,000 within a 10-mile radius.  Located in the center itself is an upscale apartment community with more than 500 units divided into two low-rise buildings with courtyards and structured parking.

Aside from retail shopping, the center has a few restaurants. Recently opened, Uncle Julio's offers a fresh border-style Mexican cuisine, unique menu and distinctive and beautiful Hacienda decorating theme.   

"We love the detail in decoration," said Jessica Tilly of her visits to Uncle Julio's with her husband Mark. "The inside is huge, and we like having the option of sitting outside on the patio."

Potomac Town Center is still under construction, and the community anxiously waits in anticipation to see what else is to come. Additional buildings for office and retail space are expected as well as additional parking. As you visit the center keep your eye out for new shops and businesses and stay in touch with us at Patch for further breaking news as it happens in our community.                 


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