In Memory: Woodbridge Area Obituaries

Links to obituaries from area funeral homes.

Mountcastle Turch Funeral Home:

David Edelschick, 72, of Manassas, died Nov. 12.

Miller Funeral Home:

Liane O. Payne, 78, of Manassas, died Nov. 10. Service is Nov. 17.

Ima Jean Tilley, 81, of Woodbridge, died Nov. 8. Service is Nov. 18.

Miguel A. Rodriguez, Jr., 54, of Woodbridge, died Nov. 15. Service is Nov. 19.

Pierce Funeral Home:

William Thomas Kincheloe, 67, of Manassas, died Nov. 9.

Howard Paul B. Mendelson, 61, of Clifton, died Nov. 10.

Wallace M. Bailey, 77, of Haymarket, died Nov. 10. 

Ronald Nelson Sprouse, 51, of Stafford, died Nov. 11.

Trillow J. Blankenship, 91, of Front Royal, died Nov. 11.

Joseph John Murphy, 44, of Haymarket, died Nov. 12.

William Henry Mastbrook, 87, of Manassas, died Nov. 12. 

Shade Edward Banks, Jr., 70, of Nokesvill, died Nov. 13.

Mary Hulfish Smith, 74, of Manassas, died Nov. 14. 

Murray David Haynes, 46, of Manassas, died Nov. 14.

Boyd Gail Harris, Jr., 81, of Gainesville, died. Nov. 14.


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