Letter to the Editor: Sequestration Cuts

Chairman of the 11th Congressional district Republican committee writes about sequestration.

Editor's Note: The following was submitted as a Letter to the Editor from Terry Wear, chairman of the 11th Congressional District Republican Committee. It is unedited. 

Dear Editor,

There have been numerous opportunities for Gerry Connolly to stop or slow the impending sequestration cuts that will result in tens of thousands of layoffs in Northern Virginia and the 11th District.  After voting for both versions of the Budget Control Act of 2011, which authorized this sequestration process; Connolly voted against several measures that would lessen the impact of the cuts, including an amendment authored by fellow Virginia Congressman Scott Rigell.

These sequestration cuts disproportionately burden Northern Virginia and the defense industry employees of the 11th Congressional District.  Necessary reductions in spending need to be shared proportionately by all citizens and all sectors of the economy, and should not be focused primarily on a particular segment of the workforce in the 11th District.  Fair is fair, and this is not!! 

Gerry Connolly has no interest in ensuring a fair process.  He prefers to sit quietly by and let President Obama and the Democratic leadership wreck havoc on the financial wellbeing of many 11th District families.  He hopes no one will notice while he attempts to preserve his political career at the expense of his constituents.  

Even his call for Congress to forgo its August recess to discuss ways to stop sequestration from beginning was a thinly veiled political maneuver to save face.  If he truly wanted to stop this sequestration, he could have supported one of the pieces of legislation offered to him over the past seven months.

Connolly’s unwillingness to take a leadership role in stopping sequestration will plunge our local economy into a full-blown depression, and significantly weakens our ability to protect ourselves.  All the while, Connolly will continue to collect his $174,000 annual salary and increase the value of his government-guaranteed pension that is the envy of most voters in the 11th District.

We need leadership in Washington that will stand up for the voters, even if that means they have to buck their party or leadership.  We wouldn’t be in this mess if Gerry Connolly spent more time preventing the unfair application of sequestration and less time protecting his political and financial future.

Terry Wear

Chairman, 11th Cong. District Republican Committee

Navid Roshan September 02, 2012 at 02:15 PM
That film is sophomoric and closer to a passion film than serious documentary. The difference between Michael Moore (who I also detest) and that film (which is trying to imitate it) is that the M.M. movies use existing occurrences, not some supposition about a hellish world of the future. Get over yourself. As far as things that ARE better since 2008. 1) Private business built 4.5 million jobs, the unemployment numbers are largely being inflated by PUBLIC employment which is in the tank because of austerity measures... who supports that again oh right the GOP. Look it up for yourself if you dont believe me, http://www.usnews.com/dbimages/master/22480/FE_DA_PublicvPrivateJobsGraph.jpg I'll do your research for you PS notice something there? Obama took over in 2009, not 2008 (something I think that most GOP supporters actually don't realize). Look at the chart "freedom" do you know what a point of inflection is? Cause there is a big one staring you right in the face. 2) We have invested in MANY forms of energy. Combustibles are at an all time high in this country instead of having it shipped in from the Bush families friends the Saudis. We have also invested in wind, biofuel, and yes solar. Think this is all subsidized propping? Well you are wrong alternatives receive 1/10th the subsidization of oil companies PER Joule created
Navid Roshan September 02, 2012 at 02:22 PM
Oh let me guess what you'll say; yes but Solyndra. Get over it, Solyndra received a bad grant, 500 million, it was bad. But by order of magnitude you have got to be kidding me. Oil companies received BILLIONS in grants that go straight to paying executives not researching how to make their product better. Congress' brinksmanship, holding up the budget, cost the country 1.9 billion. For every solyndra, there is a case where a private company through market parody is making TONS of money innovating in the energy sector. Look at the success of Solar in the southwest in this country, look at the success of wind power in the Allegany, look at here in Virginia Dominion by 2015 will have 15% of their production created from BIOFUELS. This isn't some bogus sci-fi lie; Solar panels are at parody for combustibles when located in decentralized communities TODAY. No subsidies needed, if you are in a community which is zoned at 1 house per acre (much of america is) you are at solar parody. What else; Oh right health care, the "doom of america" because it is so socialist. Do you know what socialism is? People who pay a lot of money to a system so they can get a service having to pay more because people who don't pay anything can get free hospital service. THAT is socialism, and THAT is what pre-healthcare reform was. The plan is a health exchange, not universal healthcare, and before it was demonized it was a GOP platform item, but Mitch M. made sure to blame the dems.
Navid Roshan September 02, 2012 at 02:26 PM
With out that "terrible bill" there would hundreds of thousands of people, millions even, with existing conditions continuing to be bullied by companies who clearly have been in collusion over price rigging for the past 20 years. What else would you call it but collusion, when every year you are assured that no matter what the cost of your Health Care will go up? Not just up, but up at outrageous rates of 5-10% increases. On top of their collusion they could pick and choose who they wanted to cover, and even drop people AFTER they attained medical problems. DO you understand how big of a problem that is for people who are born with medical issues? The republicans are all about the sanctity of life in the womb, but after a baby is born a genetic disorder, they dont care to tell health insurance companies that it is WRONG to deny some form of insurance.
Navid Roshan September 02, 2012 at 02:28 PM
Yes, we are just like Greece, a country who's main product is tourism. Its not like America remains the most robust, diversified, and powerful economy in the world. *shakes head* rhetoric, all of it
Navid Roshan September 02, 2012 at 02:50 PM
@ "Freedom" Sure don't worry about actual facts. Your candidate doesn't either so it makes sense. Lets just correct all the BS you just threw out to the world of the internet 1) Even though the democrats did hold a majority for 2 years, in the senate it was not a super majority. That meant the filibuster was in place, which good ole Mitchy Mitch from the middle of nowhere said was his FIRST order of business to stop this president. So to say "anything they wanted" no that's not true, but I agree too much was put towards health care battles, and not enough towards energy, transportation, and other elements which would have created more jobs. 2) The stimulus passed the senate with 3 republican yes votes, which allowed the avoidance of the procedural obstructions noted above. 3) The Obama presidency has not gained a "larger debt than all presidents before combined" Simple math. 10 > 6. The deficit has finally hit its inflection point because spending has slowed (mostly because we didnt have any need for trillion dollar bills in 2011 and 2012 to pump not only support for public employment but also TAX CUTS by the way which were 300 billion of that number each of those years including the stimulus). With the private sector continuing to grow at 2% we are seeing the deficit
Navid Roshan September 02, 2012 at 02:56 PM
@"Freedom" Some charts for digestion on your doom scenarios http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-3kufzhLe3RM/Tl12DaVaJ8I/AAAAAAAABr0/qWCg8HJ1-do/s1600/grpah26089355018_3eea3fa4be.jpg http://www.whitehouse.gov/sites/default/files/imagecache/embedded_img_full/image/image_file/gdp_april.jpg http://www.cbpp.org/images/chartbook_images/2.1.1-GDP-gap-OPT.jpg Need some help reading those. Lets put it this way, since taking office, Obama has been able to grow the economy back. Was it fast enough? I dunno, how can you judge when we have never had someone screw the pooch so bad on an economy before hand as Bush did. That blip in 2006-2008, that reduced our revenue by an effective 8% at the same time Bush increased spending at 10%. Ok ok, so Bush did all that. But the point is, GDP is recovering now and as quickly as it grew, the combination of the slowed spending (2%) and the return of 3-4% GDP growth will continue to drop the deficit from 1 trillion per year to about 400 billion by 2016 (maybe faster if we have a better growth of 5-6%).
Barbara Glakas September 02, 2012 at 03:32 PM
Well, “Freedom,” your words certainly don’t sound like your name. I hope you use your words to give your representatives suggestions on how to avoid sequestration.
Navid Roshan September 02, 2012 at 09:51 PM
Yes, Barack Obama says we are no longer a "christian nation" it's not that the constitution specifically barred our country from being a theocracy. For good cause it turns out when you look at all the terrible theocracies around the world. Id rather no one use "god" as a justification for anything political. I'm pretty sure god could care less if America has high debt, if god exists he's likely more focused on the genocides occurring around the world as we quibble over whether an extra 5000 dollars will help a millionaire trickle down more jobs to Americans. Either way, this country had 8 years of doing what god told Bush to do. Michelle Bachmann is running around telling people god tells her to do things. What else does god tell her? Why is all the stuff god tells her so darn convenient in her political ambitions... hmmmmm PS, not that it matters, but Barack Obama is not muslim if that is also what you are implying. Flipping idiots
David Salzberg September 02, 2012 at 11:20 PM
This as never been a Christian nation. At least not since the first amendment was ratified.
Tammi Petrine September 03, 2012 at 06:34 AM
the stix: I was "not in the face" of Terry Wear." I was communicating that NO ONE in office NOW has come up with a solution for the DTR debacle; if fairness is his credo, the DTR users are "all ears." This could really help his election. Our current reps need to know how enraged local citizens are at the "unfairness" of the current plan in addition to the palpable damage it will cause to our community. Are you on the payroll of one of the Silver Line profiteers, stix??? Anyone with a dictionary knows a “hearing” is a public meeting where the public has an opportunity “to be heard.” The MWAA magic show scheduled for Sept. 12 is a PR show and tell. Fancy photos and exhibits devoid of financial information that would truly educate the public of the horrendous effects of the DTR tolls funding 54% of the Silver Line totaling $6 BILLION for a 40 YEAR period of wildly escalating tolls does not define a “public hearing.” Change it up, brother. RCA wants a true hearing where our county supervisors that approved MWAA’s deal AND MWAA are available for HEARING the concerns of a captive, tiny funding demographic of THEIR constituents. Now that’s what we call a hearing. We want the press there and as many citizens of the affected community as possible to have the opportunity to air their questions and concerns.
Tammi Petrine September 03, 2012 at 06:52 AM
To the stix continued: And don’t even think about cracking on Terry Maynard. He and members of the RCA’s Reston 2020 are the only persons in this Metro area who have bothered to investigate and analyze the folly of the present Silver Line financing plan. To ridicule him is to show your own ignorance OR fear of the truth getting out to the national media. Already journalists and bond publications from all over the country are contacting him for details he has amassed. I commented on this forum on sequestration when I read Terry Wear's fairness plea. We at Reston 2020 do not seek war with anyone. Just as Barbara Glakas stated above, we all have to learn to work together for the betterment of the collective good. To do this, all sides need access to the truth & to be represented effectively in long ranging decisions. If something is terrible for my neighbor or my neighboring community, it is also terrible for me. We are looking for win/wins; not win/screw (the DTR users.) We can do better. We just need a chance for dialogue with the power brokers; not just lip service. Sec. La Hood's "magic" was solely to shift costs from the project to the county. That was no help whatsoever. MWAA wants to use Virginia's paltry contribution of $150 M to buy down tolls in the first years (purely a PR move) vs. buying down the total cost which would reduce the interest due on the debt total, a much better use of the funds. Fairness & real Hearings: too much to ask???
Tammi Petrine September 03, 2012 at 07:01 AM
To the stix, continued: Congressional Sequestration is a serious problem of national scale. The DTR abuse is a serious problem of local scale. Both are issues that need attention before severe and lasting damage is done by political posturing. We can to better.
the-stix September 03, 2012 at 09:40 AM
Nice try Tammi to talk over my simple question (with three posts no less), what has Connolly or you done about the sequestration issue, or the MWAA DTR toll issue other the RCA calling the hearings a "sham" and your calling the MWAA “ethically challenged” (all petty imo). The answer to my first question is ‘nothing’ except in your case to agree with Barbara G’s plea for 'moderation and compromise'. No one can argue with moderation and compromise, but wouldn’t one reasonably expect Connolly as an ELECTED congressman in a region where sequestration can potentially be devastating, would be actively engaged every hour of every day? Well we are nearing the '11th hour' and he is not, but rather has chosen to follow his Party leadership in silence and running the clock out. The path to moderation and comprimise, I think not. May I suggest that elected Connolly is your problem, not unelected Ware! As to the second question, as I said in an earlier reply to Colin Mills in another thread, the MWAA DTR toll plan is horrendous and the RCA writing nice reports and going to meetings he talked about is fine. However, establishing or being a member of a like-minded coalition to speak one message with one voice representing more than RCA’s constituency itself would be better. Where is the RA, ARCH, RTC and even Tysons on the matter of DTR tolls? I can only assume coalition building is not on RCA’s agenda, or you have been turned down in your attempt.. which is it?
David Salzberg September 03, 2012 at 12:55 PM
In order to compromise, you need someone reasonable on the other side. The only reason why we have sequestration was because the House GOP threatened to default on the debt. The Dems twice reached agreements with House GOP leadership, only to find that the GOP did not back the leadership, and some actually wanted default. So, now we get revisionist history by the GOP, blaming Dem house members for the problem. There is a Va congressman who is largerly responsible. It is not Connolly, it is Eric Cantor.
Kathy Keith September 03, 2012 at 01:13 PM
Did anyone see "State of the Union" on CNN yesterday? A clip from an interview by Jessical Yellin was shown. Obama was asked aout bipartisanship and cooperation with Congress. His answer was incredible. He didn't have time to reach out because he needed to spend time with his family. Seriously. He should have thought of that before he ran for President.
Robert Morris September 03, 2012 at 01:13 PM
With statements like that, GetReal, it's easy to see why you will not post your picture with your statement.
Robert Morris September 03, 2012 at 01:34 PM
Pretty little chart you have there, Navid. Perhaps you should pay attention to the fact that negative growth not only coincides with, but accelerates when the Democrats took control in 2007. Perhaps you can explain how many billions of dollars were completely wasted on stimulus and bailouts. How many billions lined the coffers of the UAW, upper management of banks, friends and colleagues of Obabble, yet we still have massive unemployment, a housing industry that is STILL in the toilet and a new electric car from GM that goes all of 26-miles on a twelve hour charge!
Barbara Glakas September 03, 2012 at 02:51 PM
David S. — Agreed. It would be nice if Speaker Boehner could exert some leadership to rein in Cantor. But, on the other hand, why is Cantor even there? Because the people elected him. So if the people don’t like the direction that he is taking the country, then the people (Cantor’s employers) should tell him so and threaten to fire him. About compromise, I was reading an interesting article about the Civil War last night. Film maker, Ken Burns, had once interviewed the late author and historian Shelby Foote, who wrote the 3-volume classic, “The Civil War.” Burns asked Foote, “Why did Americans kill each other in such great numbers [in the Civil War]?” Foote replied, “Basically, it was a failure on our part to find a way not to fight that war. It was because we failed to do the thing we really have a genius for, which is compromise. Americans like to think as themselves as UNcompromising. But our true genius if for compromise. Our whole government’s founded on it. And it failed.”
the-stix September 03, 2012 at 04:53 PM
Revisionist history.. look in the mirror David. Or should we call yours simple leftwing dreaming? Fact is Obama and Reid were not on the same page, and Obama at the last minute in negotiations with the speaker of the House threw in $400 billion in more taxes. Boehner was blindsided.. end of comprimise.. end of story. http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/right-turn/post/obama-kills-bipartisan-deal-then-reid-resorts-to-smoke-and-mirrors/2011/03/29/gIQAF3YLYI_blog.html
Richard Spida September 03, 2012 at 06:01 PM
These crocodile tears coming from the 11th C.D.'s top Republican, Terry Wear, are NOT consistent with his party's platform, or the Romney/Ryan views on the matter of the federal workforce. However, sequestration is consistent with the Republican litany about the need for a smaller government. This is not surprising to some of us: after numerous stump speeches, TV ads, and Republican convention blather, it is transparently clear they have little regard for the truth. As Joe Davidson's column, The Federal Diary, in the August, 29, edition of the Washington Post, points out: * Republican policy towards the federal workforce is to cut the workforce and cut their pay. Romney's web site says federal pay is 30 to 40 percent above the private sector and must be corrected. Ryan's House budget committee report says extend the pay freeze for federal workers to 2015 and increase their contribution to retirement benefits. This, ..."despite the fact that federal employees have already contributed $60 billion during a two year pay freeze and $15 billion in increased pension contributions..." *As far as cuts to the workforce go, Republican platform and candidates agree that the number of men and women who work for the federal government should be reduced by 10%. Although, as Davidson states, Ryan's plan exempts national security agencies, placing a heavier burden on others. Dry your tears Terry, you're a bad actor. Richard Spida
Navid Roshan September 04, 2012 at 12:51 AM
HAHAHA what!? Oh my god! Yes the democrats the party of the big banks! Wow the revisionist history is stronnnnng my friend. When the biggest institutions in the country, the ones who determine what a dollar really is worth, are saying that if you dont give us money that you will cause a 2nd great depression, you dont mess around. Beyond that are you not aware that the banks actually have to pay that back? Of course you arent because you likely didnt read the presidents proposed budget which he released in 2013 nor any other budgets the past 3 years because you like taking your news from Glen Beck and Rush Limbaugh. Let me cut to the chase, the banks have to pay it back, and they have been, 300 billion so far and it will continue with interest until its all paid back. GM also paid all of theirs back, in fact now that they revised their model to not create big stupid trucks they are making money! Obama 1 Romney 0... not sure why you wanna bring that up, I dont know if you know this but Romney is supposedly from "michigan" its a sore subject for him.
Michael September 04, 2012 at 02:59 AM
Mr. Wear, 175 Republicans in Congress voted for the sequester - including Mr. Paul Ryan, your current nominee for Vice President. Shall I assume you will now turn your considerable anger against those of your own party who chose to support the sequestration plan? This would also, of course, include the Speaker of the House, Mr. John Boehner, who had nothing but praise for this plan when it was first introduced. Your ignorance of the operating procedures of Congress has also caught my notice. It is fundamentally irresponsible to suggest that a member of the minority party in the House of Representatives has the power to accomplish anything whatsoever on any topic at any time. Were Mr. Connolly a member of the Senate, he could avail himself of such tools as filibusters and anonymous holds. As a member of the House his power is severley limited. It would serve no purpose for him to "buck his party," as you request. The GOP and its Tea Party masters have already determined that no substantive proposals from Democrats will be allowed to advance. What purpose would such "leadership" serve if the GOP would cut his feet out from under him at the first possible opportunity?
Robert Morris September 04, 2012 at 01:17 PM
Navid Roshman, you are an ignorant and extremely rude individual that needs to remember there are intelligent people reading your insolent remarks before making your next reply. I do not appreciate your thoughtless answers and rude attitude. If you talked to me like that face-to-face, you would be swallowing your teeth. Grow up and act like an adult on these boards.
Skip Endale September 04, 2012 at 01:57 PM
Internet tough guy Robert Morris wants to have a face to face with Navid Roshan so that he can "swallow some teeth" - let me know the time and place so it can be archived on youtube. I suggest Reston Town Center, in the fountain. We need a couple of dentists on stand-by. thanks,
Bob Bruhns September 04, 2012 at 01:58 PM
The problem is that this country is no longer competent to manage its affairs. It appears that we are not alone in that - most, if not all other nations, are also mired in debt. The problem is crazy spending and debt. How can we think that the solution is MORE crazy spending and debt? This is incompetence. Both parties think they know what is best. But they have been in power all along, and look at the results. And yet you still think they know what is best? The first step is to admit that these tactics of government meddling do not work. Our people are just clamoring children, buying yet another political promise, of which we have seen so many that we should know that they are meaningless. Demagogue leaders pretend to have knowledge skill and solutions, but how can you believe that, when you have seen the trail of destruction they have left behind them for decades. They are the same people who you have learned to distrust all these years, and yet you fall for it again. You don't know or care what they did; you only care what they seem to be claiming now. And they do not keep their promises, and they flip, and they flop. When are you going to learn? All of their promises were simply to get us to approve their latest government giveaway of borrowed money. Look at the size of some of these giveaways! This system does not work - they are exhausting the future, to pay for yesterday! And they continue, and continue, and you don't learn.
ACS September 04, 2012 at 02:11 PM
Brian - the statement "to force the Republican-controlled Congress to actually do their jobs & make budgetary decisions that would reduce deficits going forward" is so completely juvenile!! ALL of Congress needs to stop playing games with the American people and DO THE RIGHT THING! Forcing and coercing shouldn't be in their vernacular! ALL parties need to start doing their job or the voices of the American people need to vote them OUT – regardless of party affiliation. I no longer align myself with one party for just this reason. With all of this “He said – She said” or who controls what garbage – the stuff is piling up and it’s time to recycle the waste! There is PLENTY of blame to go around all parties and I am beginning to tune out all those who immediately fly to “those Republicans did blah blah blah” or “those Democrats did blah blah blah.”
Mary Stachyra Lopez September 04, 2012 at 02:54 PM
A reminder to all: please keep your comments directed toward the issues, and the tone civil. Thank you.
Groovis Maximus September 04, 2012 at 05:05 PM
Yes, sequestration would disproportionately affect the defense industry. It would also disproportionately affect poor people - where's the outrage there? And - last I checked - Gerry Connolly isn't on either the Budget Committee or the Appropriations Committee, so his ability to avert sequestration is pretty limited. But the truth of the matter is that sequestration will most likely be averted while Congress kicks the can down the road - again. And we'll have to go through more of the same until Congress stops worrying about the next election and starts worrying about governing. Across the board reductions don't equal "governing."
Navid Roshan September 05, 2012 at 09:57 PM
Oh I'm sorry I thought your snide remark about a "pretty little chart" and my insignificant understanding was very grown up of you. The only way I know how to talk to petulant little brats is to treat them like the children they are. Instead of proposing internet violence why dont you respond to the issues on hand. Oh right, the GOP has no stance on actual issues, they just wanna skirt around it and talk about how many uses of the word god were in a platform, or what the capital of Israel is... you know the stuff that middle class Americans care about. In retort, nanny nanny boo boo, you can't do nothin bout it
Robert Morris September 06, 2012 at 12:50 PM
Navid Roshan, many people have left comments that are perfectly viable responses to your rants, but you are as inflexible in accepting compromise as our current Congress. There is no place in politics for lunatics and others that refuse to see what's on the other side of the street (aisle, if you will, in the political vernacular). You choose to wear your blinders and abrasive demeanor and refuse to think some people as are smart as you. I have a news flash for you: There are many people that are at least as smart, and have far better ideas than you. Perhaps if you closed your mouth and opened your mind, you could get a bit wiser. There is no reason for you to answer this thread. I realize I am wrestling with a pig and can only be brought into the mud with you if I continue. Have a nice day!


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