Commuter Parking Alert: Police Warn of New Enforcement Measures

Telegraph Road Commuter Lot parking will be limited to designated spaces.

The Prince William County Police Department warns that parked cars at the Telegraph Road commuter lot will be ticked and possibly towed if they park in a high-traffic area near the bus stop islands.

"The Prince William County Police Department is seeking the public’s cooperation in correcting a safety situation at the Prince William Parkway/Telegraph Road Commuter Lot," according to the department's Facebook page.

Cars are "co-mingling" with buses in the bus only lane during the morning rush, according to the post. It's is a safety concern as buses stop in the travel lane and it is causing delays. 

"The parking of vehicles on the back side of the bus stop islands may be contributing to this," according to the post. "The parking of vehicles in this area is not inside of a designated space and will no longer be permitted."

Joe George February 12, 2013 at 12:18 PM
I would request PWCPD ticket those vehicles that park on the grass and other non-parking spaces in the Horner Road lot.....I drive through there every afternoon/evening and it is NUTS how people park in that lot. Many times, it is the same vehicles, in the same non-parking areas, as if they are above the rule of parking in the proper slots/areas. TICKET AWAY!!!!
Paul Griffo and Carol Teague February 12, 2013 at 05:00 PM
Great! PWC police, if you are reading this, would you PLEASE do the same thing at the 234 lot?


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