Don't Get On the Ice! Local Waters Unsafe for Play

Iced over rivers, lakes and ponds are very dangerous. warns Prince William County Fire and Rescue.

Iced over waterways can be very dangerous. Patch file photo.
Iced over waterways can be very dangerous. Patch file photo.
Iced over water can be an attractive wintertime play area, but Prince William County Fire and Rescue warns locals that it is a dangerous idea.

And it's not only a danger to hot dogs looking for a cool place to enjoy the cold weather. It's also dangerous for rescuers when they have to come and save someone who has fallen into the water.

"The climatology in this area of the country rarely produces ice of the quality and thickness necessary for safe outdoor recreation," said fire and rescue spokesperson Kim Hylander.

Moderate to severe hypothermia can occur in less than 10 minutes by immersion in icy water, according to Hylander. The window of opportunity for a successful rescue closes rapidly beyond that time.

But all is not lost if there is a desperate need for fun on the ice. The Prince William Ice Center has a variety of programs. And, it's indoors. 


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