St. Luke's Day School Will Remain Closed Wednesday

After a crane collapse Tuesday, the school will remain closed while the building is inspected and the crane is removed.

St. Luke's Day School at St. Lukes Church will remain closed Wednesday after a crane toppled over onto the building Tuesday morning.

Students were evacuated and sent home Tuesday morning after a crane collapse occurred while workers were attempting to work on a cell phone tower on the church steeple. Parents picked up their children early at the school.

According to a church employee, the school will not reopen until after the building is inspected, the crane is removed, and Fairfax County says it’s safe to go in.

The crane is scheduled to be removed Wednesday.

Fairfax County Fire and Rescue received an emergency call from the scene at 10:37 a.m on Tuesday after the crane collapse.

Workers from B&M Tower Technologies were at the church Tuesday morning working on a cell phone tower on the church steeple. A malfunction jostled two workers in a basket while it was in the air.

The workers sustained non-life-threatening injuries, said Brian Brendel, incident commander with Fairfax County Fire and Rescue. An operator quickly attempted to lower the basket after the malfunction.

Officials were uncertain whether the roof or steeple was damaged during the collapse and building inspectors were headed to the scene at about noon Tuesday to check for any damage.

Sixty children at the school were evacuated in case of any structural damage to the building. No one in the school was injured. 

"We're glad everyone's safe," said the Rev. Ketlan Solak. "We hope the damage isn't too bad." 

No major structural damage could be seen. The incident is still under investigation.

Tuck Bowerfind February 13, 2013 at 09:29 PM
St Luke's Church and Day School facilities are open as of 3 pm Wednesday. Ash Wednesday services will be conducted as planned at 5:30 pm and 7:30 pm.


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