Witnesses Describe the Events of the Kenny Diaz Stabbing

Diandra Samuels was charged with murder.

Kenny Diaz spent his last moments alive struggling to escape from his own car, before he was stabbed with a "huge machete-type weapon", according to witness testimony heard in a preliminary hearing, as reported by the Washington Post.

The WSHS linebacker was fatally stabbed in September and left for dead in a Woodbridge park. Suspect Diandra Samuels was charged with murder. Other suspects were charged with abduction, and four of Diaz's acquaintances were charged with armed robbery.

Witness Renee Caples reportedly stayed in the car once Samuels took Diaz to the park.

"Caples testified that she saw Samuels return to get 'a huge machete-type weapon' from under the driver’s seat. A drawing shown in court and later obtained by The Washington Post shows a large blade, curved like a machete. Minutes later, Diaz was stumbling away from the woods and the duck pond, clutching his stomach and bleeding, Caples testified," the Washington Post article reported.


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