Virginia Collected $101 Million In Speeding Fines

Prince William County had 16,229 speeding citations in 2010

Virginia collected more than $101 million in revenue from speeding infractions during 2010, and $238 million in traffic fines during the fiscal year that ended June 30, 2010.

Those citations were issued by both the Virginia State Police and local police departments, AAA said. The state had $36.6 million in cases for speeding and localities had a total of $64.9 million in cases. According to AAA Mid-Atlantic, Virginia has 74,934 miles of roadway, 279 law enforcement agencies, and no speed cameras, by state law.

In the fiscal year ended June 30, 2010, Virginia’s courts collected $95 million of fines and costs related to local ordinances that parallel state statutes, according to the Auditor of Public Accounts report (attached to this article).

Prince William County police issued 16,229 speeding citations in 2010 and 14,737 citations in 2009, according to annual crime data. The 2011 crime statistics will be released in a week, said police spokesperson Jonathan Perok. Prince William County courts collected $4,717,299 in total fines and costs, more than Arlington, Henrico and Loudoun counties. 

This is significantly lower than the worst speeding trap locality in Virginia, called the "Million Dollar Mile" in Hopewell on Interstate 295. Hold your breath for this one, because according to AAA Mid-Atlantic, an average of 1,000 speeding tickets a month are written along that 1-2 mile stretch of interstate, netting over $150,000 per month. 

Do you know of any speed traps in Prince William County? 

Woodbridge Patch editor Lauren Jost contributed to this story. 

boseamus April 06, 2012 at 04:08 AM
There is a sign on Waterway Drive in Prince William that says there is an additional $300. fine for speeding. Fifteen tickets a day would be a cakewalk, like shooting fish in a barrel. Multiply by 365 and add the countless fines that could be assessed for incessant failures to stop at stop signs and suddenly Hopewell is but a poor relation.


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