WSHS Homecoming Parade to Begin Earlier to Avoid Rush Hour Traffic

VDOT and WSHS officials met yesterday to work through the logistics.

After a rumor circulated that Virginia Department of Transportation would not allow Woodbridge Senior High School to hold its annual homecoming parade, Occoquan District Supervisor Mike May reached out to local residents to assure them that the parade would still be happening on the designated date.

May met yesterday with WSHS principal David Huckestein and VDOT officials to discuss issues with the parade.  

"After much discussion, I am happy to report that it appears we have been able to resolve many of the issues at hand and this year's parade will proceed," May said. "Line-up will occur as usual at 4 p.m. However, the parade itself will kick-off a little earlier than usual so that the parade has crossed Old Bridge Road prior to the peak of the afternoon rush. This will allow the tradition to continue while minimizing the impact on afternoon commuters."

May said that the school will update the community on further parade details.

He told Patch that VDOT's major concern about the parade was traffic. 

"They want to work with the school to make sure disruptions are as limited as possible," he said. 

May is looking forward to participating in the parade himself. 

"I have personally participated in this parade for at least the past four years, and I understand firsthand how important it is [to] the community," he told Patch. 

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