Groovy Goldendoodles
Just a normal wife and mother with two exceptional Golden Doodles – affectionately called “The Boys”.
Once the two legged children grew up, my husband and I decided to try our parenting skills with the four legged version, and Golden Doodles seemed to be the right match for us. A cross between a Golden Retriever and Standard Poodle, the combination has proven to be a match definitely made in heaven. Not until I crossed over to the darker side of fifty, could I have appreciated the joy in having a doodle – let alone two. Our friends and families believe we need “help”, yet they constantly ask about the “boys”… therefore I began to blog. So, for those who either own and love their dog, once owned and miss their dog, and would enjoy reading about their antics, day camp moments, or helpful hints I’ve learned along the way- this blog is perfect for you. If you are contemplating whether to get a dog, or would just like to borrow ours from a distance, you too should subscribe to email notifications and enjoy the hilarious adventures of Harely & Leo – at groovygoldendoodles.com
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